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“Someday is today, and someday is yesterday.” Two days have passed since this remarkable series has ended its run, and now that I’ve had time to mull over that sad fact, I’ve had time to mull over the quote above taken from the final episode. The former reminds me that the show is over and left for us longtime fans to relive on DVD and for the new fans to discover and to enjoy the delight that is One Tree Hill; the latter reminds me of the countless hours of my youth spent watching this show that has ever changed my life. Sounds like I’m exaggerating, right? A television show changing someone’s life? Well, that’s exactly the impact One Tree Hill had on me.

Many may think that One Tree Hill is some hapless, teen drama that blows normalcy way out of proportion. But the series is so much more than that. Sure, there have been many plots that most of us may never relate to. A psycho posing as my half-brother is probably not in the cards for me, nor is a video exposing my goodies to the entire school very likely to occur in my lifetime. But, it’s not about that delicious drama that drew us into this show. It kept us tuned in, but it’s not what created a pseudo-connection between the show and the fans. It was the stories and life lessons that were presented for us. It was the stories and lessons about family and love, the stories and lessons about dreams, and the stories and lessons about hope. Because that’s what One Tree Hill has always been about. It’s always been about family and love and dreams and hope; it was “the little show that could,” after all. And that’s what made us fall in love with our favorite North Carolinians. And that’s what sets this One Tree Hill series apart from other television shows. Yes, there is the typical drama, but there’s also a brand of storytelling like no other that’s ever present.

Every character is genius, especially my personal favorite Brooke. Without getting into too much gushing, I can say that I’ve learned a lot from Brooke Davis. I’ve learned that you can be more than what others have marked you as. You can change, and you can be successful, and you can have hopes and dreams. I can’t say that about any other television character. And I praise Sophia Bush for delivering such a stellar and beautiful performance for 9 years. And I thank Mark Schwahn for thinking Peyton needed a best friend.

One Tree Hill will always be special to me. It shaped my adolescence, it defined my music library, and it kept me entertained and hopeful for 9 years. One Tree Hill has changed lives, and as I said, it’s changed mine. That’s something reserved for things that are truly remarkable and beautiful. I will miss tuning in on Wednesday nights (or Monday and Tuesday’s) to watch these guys combat psycho stalkers and nannies, squabble about love triangles, and gather around the stage at Tric to watch musical acts. But, as Brooke said in the finale, the memories will always be in her heart. And that’s where One Tree Hill and the memories it’s given me will always be, in my heart. Always and forever.

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