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The Fox and the Hound marked the last collaboration between Disney’s older artists, including three of the “Nine Old Men” (Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnston, and Woolie Reitherman), and the young animators who would make the record-breaking films of the ’90s. Based on a book by Daniel P. Mannix, the film tells The Fox and the Hound of a bloodhound puppy and a fox kit who begin as friends but are forced to become enemies. Tod and Copper barely establish their friendship before Copper begins his training as hunting dog. Unfortunately, neither character develops much of a personality, which makes it difficult to care about them. The screen comes alive near end of The Fox and the Hound, when Tod and Copper have to join forces to fight off an enormous bear. It had been years since Disney produced a sequence with this kind of feral power–and years would pass before they surpassed it. The Fox and the Hound ranks as one of the studio’s lesser efforts, but it suggests that better films were soon to follow.

A mischievous fox cub named todd and a hound puppy named copper meet in the forest and become fast firends. As they grow older their friendship is put to the ultimate test. A heartwarming tale of best friends who didnt know they were natural enemies.

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