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In the era when MTV still gave a crap about not pandering to the lowest common denominator with its programming, there was “Daria Animated Series“.

The irony is, “Daria Animated Series” was spun off from the ridiculous, but admittedly amusing, “Beavis and Butthead” series. Where Daria Animated Series gleefully wallowed in the stupid and moronic, “Daria Animated Series” went in the opposite direction. Using her sarcasm, commentary, and general cynicism, Daria Animated Series showed that one could be intelligent and blunt but still be entertaining. In its way, Daria Animated Series dealt with the usual crap of being a teen without being preachy, moralistic, or boring. And it assumed that the audience was smart. Which MTV obviously no longer does.

Admittedly, I am not in the demographic for Daria Animated Series (30s), but a smart show is a smart show, and I have waited for this series for ages. It is long past time Daria Animated Series is finally being released. Maybe it will make some remember when MTV was relevant, socially aware, and treated young people like thinking beings and not Barbie and Ken dolls for reality TV crap. I think – if one like smart shows with an edge – one would love “Daria Animated Series“, regardless of age. (Ironically, I think the character of Daria Animated Series, if she existed naturally, would have plenty to say about the state of the channel today that she originated from. And none of it good! LOL!)

On the downside, I am 99.999% sure there will be music deletions and substitutions, the dreaded “rights issues”. While I do wish that would be left intact, I guess I could see where it would be cost prohibitive, and Daria Animated Series is too good to sit in a vault because of it. Which is why I still give Daria Animated Series DVD set five stars regardless of that issue. So, I will live with the music changes. But complain. Daria Animated Series would be pleased!

In short, if you like animation, wit, fun, intelligence, and snark (of which there is plenty!), let “Daria Animated Series” entertain you! You’ll feel smarter for it.

Edited to add, as I have answered another review via the comment link, and it may not be readily seen: Daria Animated Series the Musical episode *is* included on this DVD set, making it, as advertised, the “complete” series! Its production number was 301; however, MTV used “Through A Lens Darkly” as the Season 3 premiere years ago, and Daria Animated Series DVD order is the same way. Daria Animated Series The Musical is episode #7 in Season 3, as it was when it originally aired. And it is the one episode retaining its original end music over the alter egos/credits.

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