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Even the intro music (from Shout Factory) shouts out loud and clear: “This is not the X-Files!” There’s nothing subtle, dreamy or humorous about Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series. It comes on strong and stays strong throughout each episode; so while I can’t point to any one episode and say “That’s my favorite!” or “That’s the best!” neither can I point to a single episode and say “That’s the Worst!” – because the term “worst” simply has no application here.

The strength of Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series, however, does not lie in the writing but in the production itself. Not that the writing is in any sense bad (and by “writing” I mean the story itself, not just the dialog); only that it couldn’t carry Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series without first rate execution (contrast this with several X-Files episodes wherein it was the writing – particularly Chris Carter’s – that almost single-handedly carried the show). Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series is without doubt the most action-oriented of any sci-fi show I’ve ever watched – with the possible exception of “Threshold.” To be perfectly honest, there’s nothing original about the primary concept: an alien entity infesting human subjects. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a sci-fi series from the 1990’s that didn’t have alien entities infesting human subjects. Nor is it unique to have, as a secondary concept, these alien entities infesting prominent people with a given society – that, too, is de rigueur for 90’s style sci-fi. The special and truly unique twist Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series introduces is having real historical figures as characters. And therein, for me, lies the seeds of destruction.

I, for one, found the introduction of historical figures to be by far the least appealing part of the show. Not from any sense of decorum (i.e., that it’s in poor taste to fictionalize real people); but simply because real historical figures must necessarily end up being what’s called “wooden” characters. You can’t flesh them out or have them advance the plot because you’re severely limited in what you can have them say or do – you have no choice but to portray them exactly as they were. So while it’s interesting to throw in a Jim Morrison or a Dorothy Kilgallen or a Carl Sagan, it detracts as much as it adds to the series. And these “seeds of destruction” I alluded to take the form, not of alien pods ready to open but of a multitude of characters who simply weigh Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series down – because you can only get so much mileage out of real people without fudging the details of their lives. Besides, strictly in terms of Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series, they are so redundant.

If the strength of Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series is its production, the heart and soul of that production is the characters, and the actors who portray them. Eric Close’s John Loengard is as fascinating as any hero of any show – sci-fi or otherwise – that you’ll ever see; his intensity rivals Peter Weller’s in “Odyssey 5.” He reveals his soul entirely through his actions, which is an enormous achievement because, by the time the show’s over, you really truly do come to know him (i.e., to see him as something more than a piece of cardboard flapping about the set). Megan Ward’s Kim Sayers, while far more introspective, likewise reveals enough of her soul to make the radical plot shift near the end seem realistic. Then there’s J.T. Walsh’s absolutely sublime Frank Bach, the ultimate bad guy/good guy. Without the interplay primarily between Loengard and Bach, there would be no show. And since Kim Sayers goes over to the dark side, making the introduction of a female counter force necessary, Jeri Lynn Ryan’s Juliet is perfect in every way.

Dark Skies The Declassified Complete Series, to me, sank solely from the weight of its cast of totally unnecessary characters – the historicals. Even in real life, historical figures start to wear thin very quickly.

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