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Why do not have Pay-pal payment method?

Thanks for coming Poputrade. Poputrade provides the lowest price DVDs, Movies & TV Series for everybody from all over the world. We just hope more and more people can watch movies and watch them easily. Also, we hope more and more customers can earn lots of money from our cooperations. Therefore, we hope all customers can wholesale our DVDs, Movies & TV Series items in very easy steps. We provide freeshipping. We accept dropshipping. We do multiple payment methods.

Most of customers would like to pay it by Pay-pal. It is very easy and safe for them. We can understand it. We accepted PP payment method before. Unfortunately, PP payment method is not easy and safe for us absolutely. Pay-pal limited our four PP accounts so far. Our business is too good. Too much payment sent to our PP accounts in short time. Pay-pal said that was very risky for them. So they limited our four PP accounts without any disputes or other problems. They just said the payments from our customers were unconventionality. We could not understand about it. All payments were voluntary paid from our customers. And most important is, all customers were satisfied our items when they received them. But Pay-pal still limited our PP accounts for permanently. Badly, we should wait for 6 months to withdraw our payment from limited PP accounts. We can not register new PP accounts anymore too. This is too bad for us. We lost too much on PP payment methods. It seems Pay-pal do not like non-US users. So we have to give up PP payment method for a long time until we can solve this problem with Pay-pal.

We will do our best to make up the payment methods. We can accept Credit Card payment method now. This method is also very easy and safe. You only need a very safe payment link. You can finish the payment in very easy steps. We can not know your Credit Card information when you finish the payment. You can tracking the items on that link too. We can only get the payment after you receive the items. So, don't worry about risky by Credit Card payment method. (If you are going to pay it by Credit Card, please email us and ask for the link)

Certainly, we hope you can pay the payment by Western Union or TT methods. We have 5% discounts for Western union method. This method is the fastest. You can do it online. And we can ship the items out fast too. It is good for both of us. Most of customers said Western union is not safe for them. For the first time, you can choose Credit Card payment method if you don't know too much about our items and service. You will satisfied everything. We hope you can do Western union after we finished the first time cooperation.

No matter what payment methods you have chosen, all items have warranty. Also, please tell us if our service is not good enough. We will do better and better. So we hope our customers can do not worry about our items and service.

We are so sorry for the troubles. Hope all our customers can understand it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Thank you so much.

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